A Life is the Gift Worthy of Protecting, on Par with the Gift of Choice !

Providing life resources through consulting

Disclaimer: Please don’t confuse my services with investment advice. I consult to move you from a bad or undesired place to one of happiness with balance. Moreover, “I believe we are made in the image of God; therefore, more intelligent than animals. Free humans make choices; furthermore, they have discernment of right or wrong” 

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It's time to work it out

 Healthy living is obtainable through balanced control over your finances, physical health, and spiritual health. A loss of control or unbalanced misunderstanding of any one of these topics can create a less than full enjoyment of what life has to offer. Therefore, the mastering of one problem and no understanding or control over two others can present unbalanced problems in your life. I believe I can help you work it out. So, If you’re tired of falling into the same undesirable conditions, please give this theory a shot. If your willing to do the work, I’ll show you what saved me when my world came crashing down. A balanced life prevents you from falling. Consequently, adopting and mastering these three topics can balance your life, leading to a manageable state of happiness. 

Personal Fianances

Having control over your personal finances can be a great start to healthy balanced living.

Health and Physical Fitness

The best way to get motivated and reach results is to monitor the progress you make. However, when the plan fails, my helping hand to pick you up and rebalance your fall before settling back into your old habits is priceless.

Spiritual health and the fruits thereof

Spiritual health

Choose the fruits of love, joy, peace, goodness, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, self-control, or patience. I also suggest you pick a Bible, Koran, or any other positive message to create a balanced life.

highlighting Three life varibles

Financial issues

Financial health

Stress is a major factor in declining health. Debt calls, letters of a final notice, and legal action threats can add lots of stress. Therefore, balancing your money, by creating budgets and controlling your spending can help control and balance stress. 

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physical fitness & health

Balanced physical fitness covers many areas of fitness that doesn’t always mean losing weight or joining a gym. Although, seeing your doctor and knowing if your weight is healthy is advised. Getting in shape has three intervals; the beginner, in shape or getting there, and advanced training. I use or prefer home gyms. Being healthy is eating well, sleeping enough, and not abusing your body in any way. A Coach for Health, and a Fitness idea just for you.

Spiritual Health

A positive balanced spiritual mindset is priceless. Those who compete will attest to a positive mental or spiritual state that can elevate their play. The same can get an assessment for living a joyous and peaceful life. Having a spiritual mindset to overcome anything can defeat issues before they take root. Furthermore, I’ll help you look inward to improve daily, loving yourself, and then others. 

90 days that can Balance your life forever

yin yang is balance

Changing bad habits are best done with replacing those habits with good balanced habits. Ninety days is long enough to replace most bad habits with good balanced habits. It's not magic, you must want to change.

A Good Life is a Balanced Choice

A reason everyone should be enlightened and spiritually awakened

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Personal Finances

Where is my money going?

Creating a Budget I Like

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Increase Your Credit Score 30-99+ Points

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Physical Fitness and Health Consulting

My current state

My goals

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Spiritual Health

What do I believe in?

Where do I need improvement?

How do I reach my goals?

What Are My Results?