It's time to change our world

The way we do things are harming our environments; therefore we must make adjustments to counter the effects we have caused. We must allow our earth to heal itself and do our best to help that process. Any service we provide will not do any harm to the environmental area we provide those services. 

Somethings need our protection

Somethings are best left alone to preserve its beauty for all to share. There is no profit worth losing this place of peace.

We are here to fill the gaps

Life can appear to be happy from the outside. Sometimes a few more trees are needed to sure up the air around you.

You are never alone

Everything AGreeneEnterprise does is to better mankind and the earth that we share. Appreciating the views of the world we have been entrusted to care for and protect.

Why we seek to be a better enterprise

We wish to create jobs that will project a new approach to the service of our fellow human beings. Yes, I'm in business to make a living; however, when possible I give service for a small fee when donations allow. Furthermore, only when resources are available. Donated services are given at my own discretion. I think and live outside the box; so, I can visit the top of the world. Sometimes from my living room-in prayer.

We will protect our environment, but we will care for mankind first.

We only have one earth to live on. Destroying this planet, and then looking for another; consequently, isn’t the brightest idea some may present. Some pick issues that they can justify above the needs of others. Be assured we see and understand your misdirection. We will make the adjustments to bring all off the streets of homelessness, drugs, and hunger. These are the signs of the times for lies to end. Our sole existence is to grow to give and care for the less fortunate. 

What You Get

Listening to the noise can be very difficult to understand the true intentions of those who are screaming the loudest. Sometimes the message isn’t in your best interest, they just have one of the few big platforms to keep shouting their point of view. However, the truth is most of the time it’s just a repeat of something that has worked before. Take a look back and see if it (the law) has happened before; then you’ll see the true intentions of that issue being brought up again. We are committed to the service of the American people and then the world. However, you must service your own house first; so, then you can help someone clean or service their home (country). I provide great service. Proof of my service scroll down to Huchung.