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About Us

Who We Are?

Our Mission

My mission is to make the world a better place for all who share the idea of humanity for all. A world where the strong help the weak, instead of exploiting their time of need.

I believe there is enough for all, rejecting scarcity and the willingness to waste for profit. No company/culture has the right to enslave another. Donations are needed to provide an  options for those who have a need for our services that are fundamental to life. Therefore, we are non-profit, never fully depending on the client’s ability to pay. If resources are available to provide the fee for service in a manner that is responsible; whatsoever, I can do to help another. However, I’ll not harm my ability to provide for my own as needed.  

Extraordinary Experiences

There is nothing too hard to accomplish, if you put your mind, body, and soul into your goal. Understanding that not all accomplishments are meant to be accomplished by all. As the founder of AGreeneEnterprise, I never imagined obtaining a Master’s Degree. Now I understand that not all good goals are planned. Life has a way of leading the way forward. 

Life has a way of placing hurdles in your way to progress. Stop and figure out the best way around, over, under the hurdle in your way. Moreover, just don’t give up, there is a way forward. That barrier is preventing you from receiving something of value to someone who doesn’t want you to enjoy as they have as entitled wealthy elites. Learn to get a peace of pie and stay free.  

Our Core Values

I want my customers to simply understand, that I care about their needs. Their needs and desire will be attended to with their best interest at the center of a donated transaction. I seek to give complete satisfaction of the product and services to complete the process.