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Who Am I now?

Educated with a Master's Degree in Family Financial Planning, BA Liberal Studies, AA Business Administration

My Mission

My mission is to make the world a better place for all who share the idea of humanity for all. A world where the strong help the weak, instead of exploiting their times of need.

I believe there is enough for all, rejecting scarcity and the willingness to waste for profit. No company or culture has the right to enslave or kill another. I’m sure before the rain came pouring down before the great flood, some shouted climate change is due to whatever instead of the actions those people were choosing to take. God controlled the weather then; God controls the weather now. The weather has changed, but it’s due to the actions of those who are screaming climate change the loudest. If they stop killing people, trees, and affecting kids’ births, the climate will return to normal. They’re using the claim of climate change, a truth, to gain more power over the rest of us. Climate change is a truth, but their reasons are lies. Most of the climate issues can be addressed, but they want the visual effects instead. They’re losing control, so we must give them more control now, is what they’re screaming. Why? Because they’ve sinned a great sin. A sin more significant than the old lie some of them live out daily. Are we to allow in the devil with their inclusiveness policies? For our children, I think not. See, this life isn’t a game with many lives; you only get one. Eternity is a long time, so I don’t want anyone leading my kids to hell’s gates. You know not what you do, well now you do.

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