An Unbalanced Dangerous Society

yin yang is balance
A relationship with heavens ticket holder

When I think of how we’ve gotten to this place of so much death and violence, one must understand the mindset of society’s goals. The search for power and wealth has overshadowed the goals of life. The goal in life is to make it into heaven. The focus has turned to love and or sacrifice of Christ, tolerance, and the goal of spreading the gospel to gather followers-offerings.

The truth turned into a way to make more money for churches. Well, what about your soul and where you’ll spend eternity. Look at the current state of the world. Deaths have been allowed to increase without any accountability of those in positions to comfort, protect, serve, and lead.

This Isn’t About Policing

A life leading to heaven

This isn’t about policing; so, that’s another story all its own. When your structure of helping society better itself gets controlled by people who place profits over the wellbeing of its members; so, you have what we now know as the current state of the world. I’ve come to understand how and why we are in this place. What would it profit you to lead humanity to your churches and lose your souls? The word of God isn’t being taught for daily living.

Life has instructions, and when you reject the instructions of anything from the creator of any entity; so, anything but a product working as designed will happen. The entity will not perform well or to its best or purposed intention. Instructions are a fact of how things work. When someone creates an entity or something to fill a need or desire; therefore, instructions are written, read, and must be understood to get the best functionality out of that entity. There are no differences between men and women. Rejecting your role for whatever reason doesn’t change an intended purpose. The yin yang will be unbalanced; therefore, unbalanced life for men, women, and their children.

The Best Example

The best example I recently have brained stormed is the explanation of an off-balanced society. The yin and the yang represent the fact that I read that there is no positive without a negative. I’d have to say no one is complete without a mother’s love and a father’s Godly discipline to invoke balance. The love of Christ and the fear of God is the most critical relationship for any human. Balanced humans are the most critical entity of any civilized society, or the society fails.

One without the other creates an unbalanced person; therefore, we have an unbalanced world. The problem is, many entities have learned to profit off the unbalanced humans instead of fixing the issues causing the unbalancing. Money, power, and truths without yin and yang is an unbalanced society. Unbalancing takes many forms, but the intended use isn’t ever achieved.

Leaders Of This Planet

Unbalanced Family Failures

Leaders of this planet have rejected and altered the instructions to keep their profits for power. Maybe, drug money is supporting an evil agenda to end the truth; so, devils are front & center. What a shameful world we have because humans won’t comply with the instructions from God. Who in the hell has the right to deny any man or woman a right to live the way God intended? 

However, my focus is on how do we as a society get to a better place without so much death and destruction?  Yes, Jesus died for our sins, and some of us should be fishers of men. How should you live daily is the basis to know, understand, and serve God to save your soul? Pleasing God means not killing and hurting another man or woman unless their evil & or harm children. The leaders of this attack on truth are indeed harming many children with sexual acts

If your beliefs separate the yin yang, mother and father, God and Jesus relationship of balance; so, you’re supporting a broken, unbalanced society. Controlling a large society with guns by force doesn’t work. They’ve removed God from their teachings, and the unbalanced outcome is obvious. Removing the gift to protect, serve, and live in God’s truth is under attack; however, we have no choice. The only way to a balanced world society is to live and serve in God’s truth.

How Much Longer, Do We Keep Living Life Unbalanced?

Created Legal Unbalancing Structure

How much longer do we keep living life unbalanced? Why do you insist on living a lie that leads to more unbalanced children? The prisons are overflowing with unbalanced societal people. Seventy-six thousand unbalanced people will be released in California soon to relieve the prison population. I ask if one prisoner has been rebalanced? I’d bet all my chips, no. Will this make society better?

The good news is, balance can be achieved with work and understanding of what’s causing the unbalancing. The insanity and profiteering of the effects of unbalancing have been grounded into our current society. Therefore, the will to change the unbalancing causes are not present. Broken children are abused more often when they’re from unbalanced families. The love of a mother isn’t enough; moreover, the protection of a father is the balance in this case as kids die daily.   

Such is the case with only teaching a message of Jesus and not the daily structure of God’s word. A system that removes the father from the house after taking his Job with refugees. The cost of living in the United States is ever increasing. Yet, I keep hearing a message of letting them all in. Increasing a workforce supply & lowers higher-paying jobs for U.S. men or fathers.    

Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand
The basis of Business

Supply and demand is another yin yang relationship. Without one, the other doesn’t matter or exist. The last statement is not always true; furthermore, someone has created something with no demand; therefore, that someone has plenty of supplies ready to sell. It’s similar to a local city government with plenty of people on the streets due to lower-paying jobs & increased housing. Anyone who doesn’t understand this isn’t smart or has another plan for U.S. families.

Nothing should be manufactured to fulfilled or supplied when there is no demand. Therefore, understanding any demand results in a more prosperous person supplying that need. What happens when the need is present but rejected? Most people are looking at the results instead of what’s driving the dire bad situation. For instance, most U.S. gun violence results from drugs being controlled and sold.

The oversupply of drugs and a limited demand results in actions to eliminate competition and control that market. The lack of good-paying legal jobs creates the need for many to sell drugs as their only option of providing for their families. That is how and why the need and use of guns will never stop. Removing guns only from law-abiding citizens places criminals in charge.

A Criminal Act or A Crime Against Humanity?

Is this a Crime Against Humanity

Is supporting a society of unbalanced people a criminal act or a crime against humanity? Do you support the unbalanced world we have or the world that’s possible with God’s truth? Choose what side you are on? Someone asked me what do I do? I’m supplying a demand this society doesn’t know it needs; so, I understand my purpose and looking for a fair business exchange.

A fair business exchange gets complicated when criminals are in charge. Some people work hard to keep things unbalanced; therefore, we have to create other choices and stop dealing with them. They’re so arrogant and think we have to believe the blatant lies we see.

How Many Will Die?

Nothing makes sense anymore unless you’ve watched or looked to the beginning. I Understand the big picture painted by the only two artists getting displayed to the mass population through media. Big Tech rounds and drowns any other message as misinformation. Even when it’s professional doctors or God’s words of truth. Sadly, the other nuclear choice was worse, so I understand. One nuclear bomb isn’t enough to crack the spaced rock we live on; so, what about 3, 6, or 9?

Help Is On The Way

God is on his way, and they’re trying to depict God’s coming as evil alien forces we must fight. Hey devil’s, your time is almost up. This planet is too good to remain in the hands of evil women and men. There is a better way, it’s coming, and those on the wrong side will answer to God.

Oh, if you’re a liar, he’ll not even hear you; furthermore, God said he wouldn’t hear any liars. Especially those who are horrible bad actors who think they’re convincing when you’re not. Don’t stand with liars; seek the truth, no matter how truth, not tolerance, makes you feel. Yin yang, father and mother, Jesus and God, are all two pieces that bring balance. Yes, if we can fly; so, must the creator.

Alone, Each Entity Is Not Complete Balance

Before you reach, make sure that person want’s to be saved.

Alone, each entity is not complete and brings unbalances, which are associated with falling. Good balance prevents anyone or anything from falling. Therefore, if most people in a society are balanced, the society won’t fail. It’s obvious, most people in this society aren’t only unbalanced; some are outright evil and serve the devil. They’ll destroy a wonderful living rock-plated planet and or kill most of humanity while they hide under a mountain. The question is, would your leaders do something as horrible as killing most of humanity? While they hide at the base of a mountain? Are your leaders unbalanced? Do you no know, or do you care? Unbalanced, is normal when everyone comes from unbalanced families.

So, again, we have ungodly chaos we can change, as most of the evil people don’t know or understand the word of God. In some cases, a soul gets saved, while others are not. A soul can’t be saved, if the person doesn’t want to get rescued. It’s that simple and a matter of fact. Don’t waste your time with a person who doesn’t want to get saved. They could hold your outreached hand & pull you down to their life of destruction. Seek balance & God’s instruction. 

In Conclusion

Peace and good will for all
who seek a balanced life

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