Some White People Should Be Honored

A truth, some white people should be honored!! As a Black man with some knowledge of history; so, how can Black people forget many white men’s sacrifices to end slavery? Four hundred years of slavery was long enough to be instilled and fought for as a tradition. A way of life for two groups of people allowed the founders of this land to flourish and prosper.—400 years completed as though accomplished to complete a curse from the mouth of God himself. However, the deal was for 40 acres of productive land, a mule-tractor or truck, and should include money for late payments. No deal would exist if it weren’t for many white men giving their lives to end 400 years of slavery. Many white families lost financial providers for the cause of black slaves being freed; so, those families must receive some form of honor.

Northern Civil War Soldiers

More Than Words

More than words, as scares hardened into though skin and strength brought forth by breeding for the strength envisioned. Births not out of love or compassion; moreover, from the slave master’s mind. Greed may fill a white slave master’s head. Maybe filled with thoughts of strong and solid earnings are coming as more work brings forth more profit, power, and prestige. A bigger house, larger crops planted, generating wealth to provide for his ego, wife, & kids. Black families were destroyed, treated worse than animals getting used, and or sold as an investment pool.

Slavery impeded all humanistic overreach and the perversions of elite thinking. Slavery paved the way for the abuse of mighty Black men and women who disobeyed God. I heard one person comparing slavery to his countries conquering by the Queen of England. However, I know of no-deal owed or paid to his people. So, that’s his problem, not ours, so shut up. I’d support any deal owed to you or your people.

Westward Ho the Racer or Slave Ship?

The trips were provided by slave ships like the “Westward Ho.” Built in 1852 to support the loved traditions of gaining wealth without putting your hands to the work- a wall street. Black people were sold and taken from their native lands. If they found themselves strong enough to reach the destinated shores, they experienced the idea of forever family separation. Children sold without any thought of the pain a parent accepts when a master’s business model matters. The Westward Ho,!_(clipper) kept the slaves coming and continued the movement of Asian workers and or slave replacements to plantations once worked by Africans.

Blacks were raped, murdered for control; consequently, to promote and send a message. Message thought to be best received when a body was on full display. A tree and a body sometimes burned left hanging to send a loud message. I can sell, kill, rape, or abuse you in any way, time, or place we choose. A treatment that lasted 400 years, is hard to end.

Yet Some Compare Slavery to a Conquered Nation

Yet, the same one placed the treatment of slavery in line with the conquering of his country. He thinks it’s preposterous to ask for the deal agreed to after 400 years of U.S. slavery. I look forward to a conversation with this person; moreover, I’d like to confirm his thinking for now. Black people currently need the land promised to serve their God, people, and get homeless Blacks off their streets. Although I’ve heard of some progress; however, I see commissions for other issues. With the right leadership, Black people can fix their own issues.

Sir, I must tell you you’re out of your lane. What you said on OAN was unacceptable, to say the least. Who asked you? Stop blowing dog whistles for the stand-up for the flag group. Many will be surprised to know I agree with standing for the flag; moreover, it’s time to stop bowing or begging. Black people have done too much and are too talented to beg. They keep killing true leaders. They pick those who keep the current powers who rule slums to keep the vote. Now they don’t need your votes or know many others won’t vote for them; so, now they’ll work to take your guns. a message to our Commander and Chief, the U.S. President.

Again, I’d like to Acknowledge

Now and again, I’d like to acknowledge the fact that many white men gave their lives for Black people to be free of slavery. We need to get a list of each last name of those men and honor them as often as possible. Anyone who even thinks of harming a descendant of one of these men needs to get educated then punished. How can we as Black people not honor the lives given to fight against the unrighteous tradition of slavery? Why do I keep repeating this? Some people don’t listen until they hear something five or six times.

Some white men and their families should be honored for the sacrifice made to end slavery.
Soldiers who died in the U.S. Civil War Accessed 4-23-21 from

Traditional Values

Yes, some traditional values have nothing to do with God. Some traditional values need to be confronted with debate and then abandoned, as was 400 years of slavery. However, implying every White person as evil is racist and shows a lack of understanding or wisdom. As a bible scholar, most importantly, the idea is ungodly that anything should be hated for the acts of a few Sarah Bessey. Chanequa Walker-Barnes PH.D. what are you teaching in that school? We can’t remove any old traditional lies with a set of new lies.

White Men Died for Black Freedom

Apparently, now I can’t say this enough, many white men died for Black freedom. Not brown, off-white, red, or others! The truth can address most bad traditions, abuses of power, or any other problems without wars. These elite politicians have a place to hide if they set off a nuclear war. Truth is the way forward to a better, safer world. Truth, even when it hurts. The options you’re offering are no longer working. So, we have children who think a man representing the devil is cool. So, we need truths, not traditional man-made values or lies. Another truth from, please visit my website and show some support to our cause of speaking in truths.

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