A Man is Set Up To Fail

A Man-Bloodlines The Book
A father who failed the mission impossible.

A man is my first book on how I discovered what God considered perfect for man and his relationship with women. I hear many say God made Adam and Eve, one man and one woman. Somethings don’t change as I ask how did that turn out? I then came across David’s family structure of many mates. I also know that David consulted God daily to allow God to direct his daily activities. Therefore, God not condemning David for the mates must have not only supported David’s daily actions but encouraged them. Save the thing with Uriah, the Hittite Bathsheba’s first husband David set up to die.  

Estrangement: How A Man Loses His Children

A man is estranged from his children at a much higher rate after a divorce. The constant is 70%. Of those who were estranged, 70% were divorced. Divorce is happening 70%-80% of the time, and some would say I’m quoting a low average. Therefore, a man who marries and has children has a 70% chance of being estranged from his children. The child suffers growing up without a father. The father will suffer later in life if he needs any help a child would typically provide a parent. If the father is well off, he could get taken care of in his senior age years with paid help. A man who hasn’t prepared well for aging daily needs could lose the ability to live longer. https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2021/01/why-parents-and-kids-get-estranged/617612/

BETTMANN / CORBIS / GETTY / THE ATLANTIC Dads are hit the hardest when it comes to estrangement after a bad or failed marriage.

It’s no secret that children who live to take care of their aging parents have parents around longer than societies with estranged parents. Some cultures assimilate elderly parents into their households; however, other cultures prefer to live independently until they can’t. If estranged from their children, their new elderly needs could become a big problem. Care from your children can’t be counted on even when you’ve been a part of their lives. Those who couldn’t get it right, even if the mission was impossible; moreover, could face those years of aging alone.  

A Bishops Deal-Cancelled “A.D.”

Bishop of Hereford Arms of the Bishop of Hereford: Gules, three leopard’s faces jessant-de-lys reversed or[1] These were the arms of Bishop Thomas Cantilupe (c.1218-1282)

Cancel culture has prevailed for a long time. The practice is as potent as ever when you need others to provide yourself a living. Please allow me to share a biblical text of cancel culture that turned into one of the biggest lies ever. In fact, a major part of our Western Civilization was founded on a cancel culture lie. Alexander the Greats both fell in love and one had a child with the Queen of Egypt. This was a time when Egypt was owned/controlled by Black people. That’s another story needing more time & more space later. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bishop_of_Hereford

The Two Great Roman Generals had legions of men with them in Africa. How would the church and their wives in Rome bring their men back and break their allegiance to Alexander the Great? Moreover, to come home by themselves, not taking or leave wives some took in Egypt. Instead, that society brought home sex slaves for men to use as prostitutes. Birth control wasn’t used then, so that must have been a bad situation.   

The church announced any Bishop who had more than one wife would lose his status as a Bishop—canceling his reward/pension for fighting for the church—in other words, taking away his retirement. Bishops collected taxes for the church in a town they owned.

The Lie That Effects Every Western Home

One man, one wife.

Consequently, the church implicated that the one-wife rule was a commandment or an ordinance from God. There are a few situations and the creation of Adam and Eve that give reference to one man one woman. I ask you, so, how did that arrangement turnout? Somewhat like the 70%-80% + of what monogamy marriages do today; consequently, in failure. Yet they keep doing the same thing looking for a different result, which is the definitions of?

Prince Manga Bell and favorite wives

However, Adam and Eve had the worst result I can ever imagine; moreover, a son killing the other son. Then Lamech, a close descendent of Adam, took two wives. Moreover, no words of rebuke from God. Then the word says that God instructed David daily. How did David structure his family? God said David was perfect, except for the thing with Uriah. David received the highest rewards for his life lived. I never heard God bless Adam after he died. Adam turned his back on God for his wife. Eve was the only wife Adam had. So, does Adan leave paradise for Eve, who disobeyed God; so, if Adam had another choice, as did Abraham, David, Lamech, or Solomon? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polygamy

Data and Bad Outcomes

At what point do you tell someone that their way of life doesn’t work out? Do you say anything if you’re making money off the failures? It’s like trying to force a round peg into a square hole. At what point do you check the instructions and or idea and its origins. Well, my brothers, I have, and the girls don’t like what I found. Nor do their family or friends understand why God commanded us not to give ourselves or our kids unto them. Who are those, or them I’m referring to; moreover, those who don’t know the will of God? It’s not about race; furthermore, knowing the will of God is knowing God’s word.

When the cards come falling down, and all hope is gone; therefore, another divorce.

Furthermore, refusing or rejecting the words of God, serving the words of men. Look at the data, history, and conditions of this world. We need another look at those directions or instructions. We’ve gotten led off course to what God meant for earth and mankind. The problem is since the wealthy are making money, the bad courses have stayed. 

More Lies to Check
Adam and Eve, A Man Book Cover

God made man in His likeness and image. If you know God’s word, they can’t just tell you anything that contradicts God’s word. So, what do they do? They burn or remove the words of instruction; consequently, they tell more lies. Seek the truth, and you might learn God doesn’t make or ordain anything that fails. God checked his creations and saw they were good. Nothing God made failed 50%-85% of the time. Only things or ideas of men fail that often. Then evil men and women exploit the disastrous situations. https://agreeneenterprise.com/?page_id=5906

Capitalism is good when no cheating is allowed.

Capitalism is a good tool when there is no cheating. I know some say the same for monogamy. Unfortunately, monogamy fails more than 85% when cheating is proven.  Much of the remaining 15% stay for the protected wealth involved. For the average guy, you’ll lose it all, even the love of your children—angry children who blame you for not accomplishing the mission impossible. Take a look around; moreover, almost everyone around you has also failed at this entity and insane arrangement they call monogamy. When wealth is present, is it true love?

TheImageDirect.com 73-year-old Mick Jagger hits the town with 6-month-old son
By Laura Italiano
June 24, 2017 | 7:35pm

Men can produce kids late in their age. Women stop midway through their lives most of the time. My number one stopped before age 43. Therefore, two different programs for two different roles. Sorry, I didn’t make the rules; moreover, I’ve just figured out your interpretation is wrong. The truth shall set you free; so, if you believe while rejecting lies and keeping your sanity. Once again, a group of elites has figured out how to control societies and exploit the outcomes. https://pagesix.com/2017/06/24/73-year-old-mick-jagger-hits-the-town-with-6-month-old-son/

A System of Evil Men and Women, Overcome by The Word of God
The Instructions for Life

Moreover, not only with war; convincing your mate to want, work, and doctor her looks to attracted a fairytale that likely leads to a bad dream. The results are a cycle of pay to start, continue, and finish a journey that’s proven to fail. Think about how much money each city, state, and country makes on the demise of a relationship/marriage that ends? So what if many kids, mothers, or fathers get mentally or physically sick or lose their lives. It’s OK, cause, again, they get paid. They want control of everything and every situation to keep the insanity going. Add Covid-19 and they’re in every business and household family structure. The only thing that can bring your family out of this darkness is the light of the word of God, the instructions for life. It’s controlled chaos that generates broken families, but income for elites.

Addicted to Riches and Power

Remember, they want you to pay and focus on making it to heaven, moreover, instead of how to live on earth within the word of God. There is more power/money if their members break the rules. Therefore, they keep their members from God’s word. The word of God is powerful. No one who hears and understands God’s word can resist the magic the word adds to your life. Most of their members are good people with good hearts. Their members have been misled. Something that can happen to anyone, people, town, or country invaded and or conquered at some point in time by a church.

Misdirecting the Truth with the Truth
A Sample of Kind David’s Family

Yes, what Jesus did was perfect, and we should be fishers of men; however, what does the word of God say? Who was almost perfect with God living daily under the advice and guidance of God? Leading to Jesus, a son of David, the son of God. Of all the men on earth, God sent his son through the bloodline of David. I can’t think of a higher honor amongst men. Therefore, as a man who needed an example of how a man is supposed to structure his life. I soundly picked David; so, you do you and leave us alone.

Read my book, A Man. You’ll enjoy my journey of becoming a man taking God’s words literally. Thanks for your time, and I’ll thank you in advance for buying my book. https://agreeneenterprise.com/?page_id=5906

A Man-Adam Sleeping Under the Tree of Good and Evil
A Man Book Cover

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