Dear Mr. President, Your Plan is Bad.

A bad plan for a sniper rifle
M16 grenade launcher in the hands of criminals

After listening to your plan and preference to protect my family or home, so, I must consult you that your plan could cost your wife her life. I’m not sure what time or era a double-barrel shotgun would offer the best protection. Unfortunately, some of your possible church members were caught buying grenade launchers, 50 Cal—Sniper rifles, and assault rifles illegally.

I Promise You, Your Plan is Bad

Therefore, your plan of sending your wife to an outside location to fire off a double-barrel shotgun could be her last moment. I like your wife; Jill’s a strong woman. However, I promise you if Jill gets hit by a 50 Cal. Sniper rifle, that will be her last day on earth following your advice. So, before you tell me what I need to protect my family and home; furthermore, remove all cartels, gangs, and mafias from the black-market.

That guy and his son from the town I went to high school was trying to purchase illegally. Once on the black market, no background check for the grenade launcher or 50 Cal Sniper rifle will be required. You call groups dangerous; so, what does history say about your church? Could it be some groups are concerned about getting abused or conquered? Many groups died when future church Bishops had better weapons?

Inability to Stop Anything Illegal

Illegal drugs are in every state

I’ve spent a good deal of my life living in California. So, when I say possible Cuomo church members, I’m speaking of the preferred religious preference for many cartels, mafia families, and other criminal organizations. The last time Cuomo’s church had a weapons advantage didn’t end so well for those on the other end. Therefore, I have to ask, could those you fear, fear a set up for another conquering moment? Only oppressed people follow bad rules.

So, some thoughts and policies give bad men and women a weapons advantage on our streets and in our homes. An assault weapons ban means only bad people will have them. Illegal drugs are in every state of this nation. So, if you can’t stop the drugs, how can you tell us bad people won’t have assault rifles. So, I have to wonder if this is a divide, control, or unrecognized conquering moment? I want to offer a consulting fee-for-services via remote only. I see a problem with newcomers not being vetted; moreover, they must wear a mask to cover their face? No thanks, I’ll take the zero until you figure out this is a bad idea. You can reach me at   

Not An Old Western Movie

This isn’t an old western movie. Today a double-barrel shotgun wouldn’t stop an AR-15. The AR-15 is the gun of choice for most drug dealers, cartel members, gangs, or mafias. I know I’d give up my protection if you could guarantee no grenade launchers, 50 Cal rifles, or AR-15’s would be in the hands of cartel members, gangs, mafias, or any criminal. Unfortunately, we both know that’s impossible. So, please stop telling me what I need, and stop the illegal purchase of all weapons of war on our streets. Public safety from criminals should first get accomplished, not a ban on the public.

Addiction to Drug Money
Addiction to drug money

Why not wait until you can guarantee these weapons would be of no concern for the average U.S. citizen? So, your push for gun control would seem less of a control issue. However, I don’t know what the staged police ambushes were all about in the golden state? I’d have to wonder if they, too, are members of Cuomo’s church to push this agenda? Lots of drug money in CA. & N.Y., so a ban on guns doesn’t stop the wars. A ban creates a chain of command. Giving one side power to abuse and control another group. It’s like giving one side a combat jet with the notion of negotiating a truce. The outcome can be noted as lowering the violence in a region. Power moves to those with guns and the jet. When you know you’re outgunned, should you put up a big fight?

Maybe someone wants to make sure their offerings receive the bulk of those funds. A gun ban in the state could do such a thing for one or two groups. There’s enough money left for political donations to keep the gun bans in place. Sunnyvale is less than 50 miles away from San Francisco. The drugs keep flowing, but the gun laws determine the direction of the funds received. Strange how most big drug groups belong to the same religious entity. How much drug money was made from heroin since the 70s? Or crack in the 80s-90s, or opioids in the 2000s? Maybe not millions or billions; it’s greater than trillions. So, the bigger question is, how many lives have been destroyed or lost? What did we learn from alcohol prohibition? Enough for some to know it’s better to outlaw drugs to benefit their crew members.

End Prohibition

Therefore, may I suggest/consult legalizing Marijuana and give teachers/first responders a raise. Legalizing Marijuana might leave some funds to help homeless Americans get back on their feet. I see you have plans for newcomers and have heard nothing about the hundreds of thousands of homeless Americans across this country. Moreover, if you need some consulting, I can help you develop a plan to get Americans off the streets. We could consider the actions as fixing an issue of climate change/homelessness. Americans are dying in Texas homes from the cold. So, what happens to those who live in tents on the streets of this great country? They have no chance of powering heat to stay warm.  

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