Another Climate Truth

Introduction to Another Climate Truth: Hello Everyone, my name is Purmon Greene, founder of A Greene Enterprise. I’ll bring up an issue then present a solution. After many ideas and promises made in the past months. Climate change is one top issue. Climate change is now if you can’t afford housing. Current climate conditions are killing Americans. The news of Americans dying of hypothermia could be listed as abandonment, carelessness, heartlessness, inhumane, and a shameful evil that not enough people who can stop this are addressing.

Homelessness in America

Homelessness is another climate truth in America in which the numbers are inexcusable. It’s a taste that I remember even before I ever lived on a street. Lifelines, guidance, and experiences I’m thankful that God had led the way. Somebody thought it necessary for my path to get destroyed. I watched in horror, as the building fell, “” the lifelines for men at the time was just what I needed. I listen to those cheering the building’s implosion, knowing none or few of them felt as I did, adding fuel to my fire.

A war for homelessness

The implosion sending a message of don’t come this way again. Therefore, another helpful path for men is closed forever. The numbers offer ideas of planned events, too many to be by chance. Thus, I fight the tears from my eyes, looking for traps set out before men. My thoughts confirmed 2-12-21 as the California office of state auditor slams the state’s plan and approach to solving the homeless problem. California, where my homeless journey began; therefore, I offer this message of another way forward. Not a tiny house that cost less than a few hundred to build, charging the state $3,000. This plan exploits the situation to make money; so, forcing the homeless to ignore any shame and live in a large dog house. Yet, I’d have to agree a tiny house is better than sleeping on a street. So, a detention center, or a tiny house? “

Treating the Homeless Worse than Slaves

Slave Cabin

Some are offering living arrangements that are smaller than slave quarters on an 1800s plantation. A collective effort, as most don’t care, the real numbers stay hidden. The people affected are why most don’t care; so, a U.S. war on homelessness is non-existent. For those who do care, I have an answer. Now it’s not conventional, as conventional ideas and thinking have gotten much consideration. A two or five-year project ensures more deaths. While adding profits for the corporate CEOs and investors. In other words, deals to make rich people richer. No, I think my idea can address the problem without waiting two to five years for housing. Or excepting the tiny wooden boxes as an option of shelter for homeless American’s?

The words of Direction

Any solution should start and end with words of direction. I’ve seen and heard the words of direction being burned “” or removed from public access. Words of direction for men should have more value than even the constitution. Respectfully, many servicemen and women get honored for defending the constitution; consequently, sacrificing their lives and limbs. For what must be asked when green lighters know not the words of direction men and women should follow. When will we demand, no more lies or death?


Any solution that includes the need for more time (2, 5, or 18 years) to fix or reward, isn’t an option to problems costing lives today. ASAP should be the first requirement. Some call this thinking outside the box. I call it thinking to solve, refusing thinking to profit, gain, or capitalize. This option hires other men to build a healthy man’s dwelling. My plan puts that healthy man to work building housing, providing food, understanding the abilities he may possess. Taking him off the streets and building his self-esteem. A temporary home within a new community acknowledging homelessness. It presents another climate truth or change—now or today for that person, and not years away. “” 

The Plan 

Hey Joe, where do we put the new arrivals? Does a detention center offer housing? I’m not here to criticize; furthermore, I have a plan that works for us all, adding to the GDP, not the national debt. Should we prevent poor communities from being overwhelmed by the new arrivals? My plan includes learning the person’s abilities and interests for housing and job placement. The idea could be vital to making sure already homeless regions don’t receive additional housing or job needs. The bottom line is we need more housing. More housing would protect everyone from the current climate cold conditions happening now. Moreover, Jobs are needed to pay for the housing these people need to protect them from current climate changes today. So, again, I’ve got a plan for such a situation today and now.

Help needed now

My plan starts fixing the problems ASAP. Moreover, improving every few months taking more homeless people off the streets. There may be some needed assistance from the housing authority to cut red tape. However, the circumstances surely give a good reason for such a motion for presentation and approval. As I would assume, most communities may appreciate such state and local government permission to move forward with homeless climate help now. Doubt climate change, go outside and pretend your door is locked. Or imagine not having a door to lock, having to sleep in this cold. It’s -30 below here in Iowa 2-14-2021. How many are homeless in this climate today? “


For more than half a million American’s, climate change is now. Half a million American homeless not looking for work. I wonder how much that lowered the unemployment rate calculations some bragged about; so, national unemployment rates are another lie. Yet thousands are on their way for housing and jobs. Your own kids are on the streets, and you invite quest? So, how does a woman die of hypothermia in 2021? Moreover, Climate change in the form of a winter storm, and she loses her life. Consequently, did her state allow her to die? So please take a look. “


Any plan that takes years to fix housing problems should get disqualified as an ideal remedy or plan of action. Purmon Greene Consulting has a plan for fixing the American homeless crisis. Moreover, another climate truth disaster as Americans die on our streets. So, please visit me at to support other services I provide.

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