A Climate Consulting Truth

Ice to refill our water supplies

Places to store water

Some climate consulting truths can’t wait until I’m ready to capitalize on the idea. This climate idea can save lives, coastal properties, and villages. Therefore, I’m putting this out again as I did during the Obama Administration when California had a water drought. There is no excuse for any farm, city, state, or country to be without water. Why do we allow clean, freshwater ice to melt into the ocean, raising the coastal levels? I posted this idea on my website a year + months ago, and one country started moving the ice to its borders to harvest the ice for its countryman and women. Fresh water waiting to be harvested Ice to refill our water supplies

Climate Consulting Truth for Life

Water storage
Why should the ice melt when it can fill this storage location?

A climate consulting truth is everywhere you look. How many places in the desert of Nevada-Las Vegas have water shows with thousands of gallons of water? So, we can make a human-made lake in Vegas but not for a village in Africa to have water to drink, clean, or grow food? The ability to do so is present; however, fighting is a better choice for some groups. I would use a helicopter and fishing nets to place ice in places that can store water. So, Adding fish to these water bodies creates recreational jobs and activities that a community can count as productivity. This represents an ability to place freshwater and or freshwater fish anywhere they’re neededÔÇöfurthermore, entire communities have emerged from such a structure. Please take a look at my idea of the perfect self-sufficient community. https://agreeneenterprise.com/

A community that offers a healthy environment living perspective.

A Healthy Environment Living Perspective

This community has the essentials to survive independently; moreover, it’s a place to build and develop productive citizens. There is so much more included in my community plan. However, I can’t paint the whole picture to those who will further steal my idea. The difference in my plan, I’ve got an idea of how to pay for this plan. So, stay tuned. https://www.linkedin.com/in/purmongreene-loves-kids/

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