A Guns n Roses Story

A Guns n Roses story, for me, starts in Culver City California. I got a job working the night shift of a full-service store. Axel Rose was my boss. My most memorable night was when the group made fun of the name of their band. The best joke was “do you guys do drive-bys and then throw roses”. Well, the band got the last laugh. That night was special for me as well. That night I allowed another man other than my father, give me another name. My name for that job was then Frisco, it wasn’t bad. So, I had to make a decision that night, argue and maybe fight, or accept the name. I could tell Axel didn’t look happy about the jokes about the name of his band. Together, we accepted the conversation as just that, a conversation; so, fighting another day. https://agreeneenterprise.com/?v=7516fd43adaa

A Guns n Roses Story -Cont.

Slash also worked there, as did two other band members. All I heard was they’re from Texas. I wish I had gone to see them play. Axel was the first person I saw wearing a purple trench coat, with goldfish in the heels of his shoes. He didn’t look weird; so, I should’ve known that anyone with that much confidence had to sing well. I was working with legends of music, wow. Another night comes to mind as the same large man who made fun of Axel’s band and named me Frisco was missing. Well, I had a good connection with Axel who asks me to help find the man. Well, I did; consequently, he was several levels up the rafters. So, Axel asked me to wake him up? Again, I had a decision, I said no! Axel didn’t fire me or get mad; so, I think it was a good decision? https://www.facebook.com/gunsnroses

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