Business Consulting

Business consulting

Business consulting is another part of Purmon Greene Consulting services. I’m a product of Silicon Valley, where I graduating High School. I worked for many companies throughout Silicon Valley. My second job was as a busboy and dishwasher. I learned a great deal at my fourth job with Atari. I got certified in warehousing, forklift, pallet jack, and safety operations. Those skills led to the mastering of shipping and receiving duties. Consequently, before Atari moved out of the country. After Atari, I found lots of great paying work with Manpower. I took work in quality control, material handling, and kitting. I then moved into areas of manufacturing. We built circuit boards, telecom systems, lasers, and Peterbilt trucks. Furthermore, I worked in a cleanroom that built hard drives. I later worked as a computer chip programmer. I settled as a Jr. and Sr. Purchasing agent. Some used just in time.’s talk maybe I can help?

Business Consulting Using Experience

Business consulting through experience. So, I’ve worked in capacities that support great products. I’ve seen many different manufacturing applications. Some manufacturing has moved to full automation. The process of gathering materials to make a great product is the same. I understand that some things are best manufactured by hand. Quality controls are of most concern. In contrast, motherboards are manufacturing rulers of Silicon Valley. Bad motherboards signal the end of the game. Not recognizing bad boards is career-ending. Unless your dad runs the company, then you get a mulligan. The information I’m sharing could save money. Or be the difference in creating a good product vs. a great product. Profits can also be enhanced. Investors are attracted to great products with good profits. Management and the business minds running a company also play a significant role. Knowing when to get an outside look at your structure shows strength.

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