Spiritual Health

Spiritual health and the fruits thereof

Spiritual health can be many things depending on your personal beliefs. For me, spiritual health is knowing and choosing peace, love, and happiness for yourself and then others. Spiritual health will give you boundaries that you will not cross if it means hurting someone else for your personal gain. That idea has some limitations as all you can do is work to the best of your knowledge. For instance, when you sell someone something-a vehicle, and then later find out the value has dropped; moreover, the market is out of your hands. At the time, the market value was high for that vehicle. The customer was happy at the time of the transaction; so, it was indeed a win/win. You didn’t act in an intentional way to fraud the client. Spiritual health is knowing what’s in your heart and being content with what you find in your heart.

Spirituality Has Many Pathways

Spirituality has many pathways to achieve peace of mind, love for yourself/others; moreover, the choice of happiness, no matter what you face. There are many other spiritual health fruits: joy, thankfulness, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, forgiveness, and faithfulness. Surely there could be one or two I’ve left out. However, applying most of these fruits to your life should prevent bringing forth a mean, hateful, or evil spirit. My thought process is a belief that the road to these fruitful variables are many. How you choose to get to this garden of life is your choice, based on the country you live in. Most religions point to these fruits as you grow in faith and knowledge of your faith booked material. The language may differ, but the destinations will most likely be the same. The journey along the way may differ; however, the fruitful life promised is similar. https://www.linkedin.com/home

A Positive Message for Peace Towards Strangers

One of the Bible’s teachings I think has been lacking and therefore is responsible for so much destruction is how you treat a stranger. If you only meet to size up and determine if a stranger has something of value you want isn’t Godly. Free labor, gold, silver, land, minerals, timber, fish, fruits, and domestic animals are spoils of an enemy. We should treat strangers with care, knowing they could be angels sent from God. Being nice to a stranger shows that you know the laws of peace, love, and happiness. A tree of life that can indeed bare the other fruits of wellbeing, and a friendly poster towards a stranger. Before anyone becomes your enemy, shouldn’t you at least get to know them? If given a chance, a stranger you didn’t know could become your good friend to lend you a hand, unless you prefer slaves?

Spiritual Health can Rescue a Lying World

How do you deal with a liar? You don’t. Don’t give a liar any of your time. Avoid him or her every chance you get. Go to the extremes to remove yourselves from them. Don’t let them explain or tell a story; so, leave them to themselves. Be ready for whatever; so, a liar will resort to many tactics if they can’t get what they want. Spiritual health will not allow you to lie. That isn’t true; when fear is present, most will tell a white-lie. Spiritual health will burn a fire in your soul to not allow you to ride the wave of a lie. Your conscience will way on you, and you might get less sleep until you tell the truth. If you can tell many lies and have no problem with sleeping or no guilt whatsoever? You have a severe need for spiritual health.

Spiritual Health for a World of Peace

Imagine, if you will if everyone had a concern for their spiritual health? What would happen if a country had a concern for its spiritual health? Spreading like wildfire; moreover, what would happen if a region of the globe had a concern for their spiritual health? What if the entire globe had a concern for their spiritual health? Spiritual health takes time; so, a spiritual healer will get prepared for whatever time may bring for peace to develop. Instead of war and killing, peace and love aren’t a debate; consequently, politicians need spiritual health more than others. Unfortunately, even some church leaders lack proper spiritual health. Both entities may have a love for money and power that overpowers their spiritual health and or growth. Seek truth and spiritual health for yourself; so, nothing is better than first-hand experiences.

First Natural then Spiritual

Before you start your journey to spiritual health; furthermore, I suggest you get your natural life in order first. When your natural aspect of life is running smoothly; therefore, your spiritual health is easier achieved. Being able to focus and meditate without worry about bills or any other issues is priceless. You want to place yourself in the best place to connect with the higher being-God. He’s there waiting for you to reach out to him. Why or how you get to that place again has many roads. The roadblocks to clear and problem-free focus are usually the same issues packaged in many different forms. Clear your table as best you can, and if you need help, contact me at  https://agreeneenterprise.com/?page_id=291. I have programs to help. I’m reasonable; so, if you can’t afford the program, let’s talk anyway. I’ll help those who are willing to work it out.

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