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Disclaimer: Please don’t confuse my services with investment or planner advice. I consult to help you move from a bad or undesired place to one of happiness. Moreover, “I believe we are made in the image of God; therefore, more intelligent than animals. For humans have choices; furthermore, the discernment of right or wrong” A Greene Enterprise Welcomes You


H.E.l.p. It's time to work it out

H.E.L.P. = Healthy Environment living Perspective. Healthy living is obtainable through the control over your finances, physical health, and your spiritual health. A loss of control or misunderstanding of any one of these topics can create a less than full enjoyment of what life has to offer. Therefore, the mastering of one problem and no understanding or control over two others can present an uncovered problem in your life. I believe I can help you work it out. So, If your depressed, feel helpless, or worse, you feel like giving up. Please give this theory a shot. If your willing to do the work, I’ll show you what saved me when my world came crashing down. Consequently, adopting and mastering these three topics can make life manageable or could lead to a state of happiness. 


Having control over your finances can be a great start to healthy living.

Health and Physical Fitness

The best way to get motivated and reach results is to monitor the progress you make.

Spiritual health and the fruits thereof

Spiritual health

Whatever fruits of love, joy, peace, goodness, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, self-control, or patience; so, you may need a Bible, Koran, or any other positive messages in a book form.

highlighting help topics

Financial health

Stress is a major factor in declining health. Debt calls, letters of a final notice, and legal action threats can add lots of stress. Therefore, finding where your money went, creating a budget, and controlling your spending can help control stress. Financial help-Remote when needed

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physical fitness & health

Physical fitness covers many areas of fitness that doesn’t always mean losing weight or joining a gym. Although, seeing your doctor and knowing if your weight is healthy is advised. Getting in shape has three intervals; the beginner, in shape or getting there, and advanced training. I use or prefer home gyms. Being healthy is eating well, sleeping enough, and not abusing your body in any way. A Coach for Health, and a Fitness idea just for you https://agreeneenterprise.com/?p=1759

Spiritual Health

A positive spiritual mindset is priceless. Those who compete will attest to a positive mental or spiritual state that can elevate their play. The same can get an assessment for living a joyous and peaceful life. Having a spiritual mindset to overcome anything can defeat issues before they take root. Furthermore, I’ll help you look inward, improve daily, love yourself, and then others. A Spiritual Healthy Approach

90 days that can change your life forever

Changing bad habits are best done with replacing those habits with good habits. Ninety days is long enough to replace any habit bad with good habits. The magic is that you must want to change.

The H.E.L.P. Staff

A reason everyone should be enlightened and spiritually awakened

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Where is my money going-negotiations

Creating a Budget

Lowering my Debt-Negotiations

Increasing my Credit Score

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Physical Fitness and Health Consulting

My current state

My goals

My progress

My results

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Spiritual Health

What do I believe in

Where do I need improvement

How do I reach my goals

My results

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"A Man" Bloodlines The Book

The book’s journey is based on what God intended for a man when God created Adam. A man and a woman, Adam and Eve, didn’t turn out so good? That structure of a family is still having trouble staying committed to the relationship. The facts lead to estranged parent and adult-child relationships—https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2021/01/why-parents-and-kids-get-estranged/617612/ As a father who loves his children. So, I’m living this journey and understand the effects of two people on different pages. As families reject God’s word accepting the failures that come with such decisions. I suggest you get the rules for yourself. This book tells you where to look. However, it’s up to you to apply God’s word to A Man.    

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